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administrative assistance

Administrative Services

Range Business provides a wide variety of virtual administrative services. These services includes a mixture of small business services, mostly conducted through phone, fax or internet based technologies.

Partening with Range Business can reduce your stress, eliminates your administrative hassels and enables you to be more successful. Whether you need on-going assistance or help with just one project, please contact us!!

We provide the following services:

Social Media

Let us help you navigate through creating your profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Marzar, Plaxo and so many more. If you need help with your social media content, help getting synchronicity on each site and keeping it all up to date, we are here for you.

Data Entry, Report Writing, Presentations & Record Keeping

Our data entry services give clients a means of having both large and small quantities of information entered, sorted and organized. Data entry can be returned in raw form, as charts, graphs and/or reports. We can also prepare reports for you and organize and store your records as well as help prepare presentations for you.

Email Monitoring Service

Have email but don't have time to respond in a timely and/or professional manner? We can assist you and help retain or get new customers. We can reply to emails or forward email messages onto via phone.

Word Processing and Reports

We can provide you with a variety of word processing services in a timely and professional manner. We do business operating procedures, resumes, letters and can even design that business card or phamplet for your business. We are very cost-effective and price out your printing options...saving you LOTS of money!